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I guess I’ll try to pick some brains here since dell can’t help me. I have a pc (xp_sp2) and dell insp 1521Laptop with Vista =(. The box hooks wired to my Linksys WRT150N router. I have updated the firmware to the router. On the laptop I can hook up wired, but not wireless. It was working, then all of a sudden can’t connect anymore, but wired works fine. I ran the wizard set up for other devices via Linksys program, and its telling me the radio button is turned off on the laptop. The radio button is not turned off. If I unsecured the network and restart it will see it, but still doesn’t connect or drops. I’m stumped and so is dell. The internal wireless card in the laptop is an N, and the router is Linksys 150N. Am I missing something in the vista set up or the router set up? Does anyone have suggestions or has anyone gone through this before? Thanks in advance for the help. 
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  1. I have a similar problem. If you get an answer, I'd love to read it. I have a HP laptop with Vista installed. Initially, I was able to get a wireless connection with my Linksys box. But, recently, it won't connect. In the "network connection" box, I can see my network, but it won't connect. Sometimes, I don't even see my network, but I can see my neighnors. I'm stumped and frustrated.
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    I hope this one helps!..You can try first changing channels on the router.Please check as well TCP/IP v4 properties if IP addressing is on static or dhcp.Please let me know if there's any progress.
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