Headers Disappear in Word 2003

Problems I am having with my Basic Edition Word 2003 with SP3:

Problem 1: Intermittently lose headers while working.

How I work in medical transcription:

Start work software (VoiceScribe) and cannot have Word running before this starts.
VS loads a temple in Word.
In center of document (VS already has demographics at top of page and disclaimers at bottom), I "Insert" a Word document (samples) that I have saved.
These samples are always saved from a previous finished report, including headers, minus the demographic part.

I believe I have done something, hit a wrong key, saved a wrong report as normal or SOMETHING on my end to mess the Normal up.

Problem 2: Spellchecker not always catching misspelled words.

Problem 3: I want to be able to click the number list icon and Word automatically format my numbered list to the specifications I applied to the default settings. I save and save the settings I want and then have to manually go to Format, Bullets and Numbering, Numbered and then choose the one I need.....very time consuming each time I have to make a list in a document, which is multiple times!

Note: The header issue has cropped up before and I have finagled around it and it got resolved somehow by messing with the Normal. I need to understand how to resolve this for the future.

Another Note: I realize most of this may be user error and am willing to do what it takes to learn and improve as a user.

The program could by buggy, however.

Thank you!!!
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  1. Got help from a friend.

    Problems are resolved.
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