ATI HD 3650 Issue

Howdy, folks.

ATI HD 3650 1GB
Vista Ultimate 32-bit with SP2

My issue is odd. A game I play which was released in 1998 works with the "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" that Windows Vista installs automatically. But when I install any supported version of ATI drivers for my card, the game/vista errors "This program has stopped working [...]". I've tried several different versions of drivers but non seem to work and the error still occurs.

Any ideas?

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  1. An ATI driver would cause the card to use more power as well as be fully functional when compared to the 'basic' system video driver. So, when you see ('This program has stopped working..) if that error message is referring to your graphics card driver, it is likely the video card is defective. Or the PSU is not efficient to supply proper power needed to the card.
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