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:hello: Hi guys. I use Firefox and opera. Opera works great until now but Firefox keeps blocking and it it shows program not responding.
Before i write mails(or posts..ha ha ha..) with words that only i understand on their forums i want to ask toms community if is there a way to fix this?
I am getting close to my limit now because i get lots of "program not responding". :fou:
Or is there anything else that can disturb the browser?

I do not want to reinstall it because i have too many passwords and bookmarks saved. :(

Thank you for your time spent reading this and for the possible help you can give me. :)
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  1. You can reinstall Firefox without losing your personal customizations. When you uninstall Firefox, it'll ask if you want to keep your customizations. Click yes, to keep them. Then download and install Firefox again.
  2. Thank you for the info. I will try it soon, i did not have the time to do it.
    Will keep you posted of my result.
  3. Bookmarks/Organize bookmarks/Import and backup/backup/save.
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