No sound since Vista SP 2


Since a few days, I have a little problem with my sound
I have no sound at all, while the speakers are connected like normal, and volume is all ok

The only reason I could think of is that I happened to have installed Vista SP2 since those few days

Could that be the reason why I have no sound?

I checked with DriverMax, and my sounddrivers are ok

How can I fix my sound, or can I like deinstall SP2?

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  1. You can uninstall SP2... but I doubt that's causing the issue. Download the latest sound drivers and install them... forget about what DriverMax says.
  2. Where can I find those? And how can I found out which ones I need?
  3. Check all audio settings in the control panel... whatever audio devices you have will be listed there. Make sure the digital / analog setting matches your speakers.
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