HP Director not able to reset 3570c scanner options

Hello! I've scanned (pardon the pun) the Forum to see if anyone else has run across this problem. HP Director V.20. running under XP Home Edition SP3, 3570c scanner. Director will operate scanner to do its job, but does not let me access 'Settings' so I can change from pictures to negatives or slides. The error is 'An error occurred communicating with the scanning device. ....' I've tried reloading the software, applying patches and nothing so far has worked. I have about a zillion negatives to scan. HELP!!!
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    See Page 8 "scan slides or negatives"
  2. Gandalf said:
    See Page 8 "scan slides or negatives"

    That section tells you to use the HP Director to change the settings, so you can scan slides or negatives. I cannot get HP Director to allow me to change the settings - I think I said that in my post.

    So - what else can you think of to get HP Director to communicate with the scanner and allow me to change the settings?
  3. I have the same problem. Will someone please tell us how this is solved
  4. Paul open a new thread!
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