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Here is my problem... To preface the NIC's are working properly, the device manager shows no problems and the cards are sending and receiving strong signals. One laptop is running Win 98 and the other is running Win 98 Second Edition.

I have two laptops with wireless NIC's. I can only see both computers on one machine at a time. In other words, if both laptops are freshly booted and I select the Network Neighborhood Icon on laptop A, both laptop A and laptop B show up. I then move to laptop B and select the Network Neighborhood Icon and only laptop B shows up. I right click on the Network Neighborhood icon and select Find Computer. Laptop A will show up on the list but the location is listed as "unknown". I can double click on Laptop A and am able to see and access all of the files on Laptop A. The weird thing is that if I reboot both systems and start the process over again but start with Laptop B's Network Neighborhood, the exact same thing happens but the roles are reversed. On laptop A the location of laptop B is unknown.

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  1. sounds like an ip conflict- though it normally tells you so, how have you configured the systems?

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  2. I am getting very frustrated with this. Linksys product appears to be sending and receiving signals but my WINDOWS OS are being very touchy. No matter what I have tried I cannot get them to use the TCP/IP. I have assigned address, (same as my old hardwired system) but they won't recognize each other. I than tried the IPX/SPX protocol with NetBIOS support. It worked.... for the two Win 98 machines. I went to set up the third laptop, with Win 2000, and cant get them to see each other at the same time. Very inconsistent. I don't know what to do. I want to use TCP/IP but don't understand why the cards won't work.. :(

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