cant print on vista's printer from xp computer

I have been trying to figure this out and have had no luck. I have this printer hooked up to my vista machine (desktop) and cant print from my xp machine (laptop). I get the message "the server for the printer hp 3050 pcl5 does not have the correct driver installed" on the xp computer when i try to install as a network printer. Vista has an option to add additional drivers for computers on different operating systems. When i click the box next to x86, i cant get any of the files I download to work (.inf files). Says something about being incompatible. Help!!!
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  1. right, you are probally using Vista Defualt Stock driver which is fine most of the time but should go to the manfacturers website and see whether you can get some alternative drivers. failing that, you could get a USB-Ethernet print server which make the printer a network printer
  2. well I Was fed up trying and trying to get printer sharing from Vista Laptop to XP PC everything i tryed just did not work.

    In The end i went on flea Bay and purchased an Epson R360 printer which has bluetooth capability for £41 added a Bluetooth USB dongle to Printer then a bluetooth USB dongle to Vista Laptop went to Control Panel On Vista
    then printers
    Add New Printer
    Network or Bluetooth printer
    Then found the printer tryed it and hey presto it works

    BELIEVE ME if i can do it anyone can as i like simple things and this was simple to do..

    Just an Idea in case anyone is fed up pulling their hair out trying to set up printer sharing.
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