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Hi all and sorry if this is in the wrong place but I've always found this forum to be very helpfull so I figure if anyone can help me then it will be someone on here.

Basically someone has been changing various details on my facebook profile and sending posts/joining groups without my knowledge, they have been able to do this no matter how often I change the password and no attempt to change the email or password associated with the account has been made. I don't log onto the account on other computers so nobody could have told their browser o remember the password. None of facebooks help topics seem to cover this and I cannot find any advice on the internet so I'm hoping somebody here may be able to help.
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  1. maybe there is a keylogger on your computer!
  2. Any idea how I would be able to detect this?
  3. run malewarebytes free edition!
  4. nope nothing.
  5. >>bump<<
  6. All I can say unlucky.
  7. do u have any paid anit-virus/spyware they tend 2 work better than the free stuff.
    NOT "mcafee" I repeat NOT literally the biggest A/V ripoff in the world. doesnt even work half as well as most free software. but if u do have good paid A/V i would recommend using it as well as the good free ones. it may still be some kind of Trojan or keylogger just one that particular may not have recognized(there r many ways to program them <as A/V's get smarter so do hackers> I would at least try).
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