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I found that I have the incorrect Catalyst driver for my laptop and now the installer will not install/uninstall my software. When I select the language and click Next, it asks if I want to install or uninstall the software. I click Uninstall. As always, as if it were going to the next window, it closes, but the installer process appears to simply close. CCC does not appear in control panel. I have a HUGE headache. While you're at it, can you find a Switchable Graphics driver/utility?

MSI MS-1675-ID1 barebone
Intel Core i5-540M
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730
Intel WiFi Link 5100
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  1. 1. Delete your current video software.
    This program will help you. It's free.
    Boot up in the Safe mode (F8) to run Driver Sweeper.

    2. Download/install/run
    It's free. This will clean up your temp folders which will help with future installs.

    Since you didn't specify your version of Windows, I can not direct you to the proper version of video driver which includes the CCC software.

    This link should help find your Switchable Graphics driver/utility.
  2. Doesn't install. Just screwed up my driver and I'm left with low resolution.
  3. That should have worked assuming you selected the proper driver. Do you have AntiVirus software installed? Sometimes AV software can block installation programs.
    If you do have AV software, deactivate it and try to install the Video driver software again. Be sure to reactivate the AV software after installing the driver.
  4. ati ccc is a headache!just install the driver!
  5. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    ati ccc is a headache!just install the driver!

    Especially on laptops... Even just the drivers on laptops are a pain
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