Problem with connecting Xbox 360 to computer with a switch

I have an Xbox 360 which was originaly connected to my computer as such: Usb cable from my cable modem to my pc, and ethernet cable from my cable modem to the xbox, that way i had internet on my xbox for xbox live & streaming with the computer (slow rate because of the usb).
Yesterday I bought a switch and connected the network differently, now it's connected as such: pc connects to the switch, xbox 360 connects to the switch and my cable modem connects to the switch. Now I have internet on my p.c, and internet on my Xbox 360 is working fine... the problem is that the computer doesn't recognize the Xbox and the Xbox doesn't recognize a P.C connection so I can't stream media to it.

By the way, my modem can give up to 3 different IP addresses if it helps...

Can any one figure what seems to be the problem with my network?

I'll appreciate any help!

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  1. You should have got a router instead of a switch. Your PC and Xbox are not really on the same LAN.

  2. What do you mean not on the same LAN?
    my xbox is getting internet connection doesn't that say that it is connected correctly?
    and my modem can give more than 1 ip address do i still need a router?

    Thank you very much Grumpy!
  3. Ok here is the deal your modem gives you an address for the internet not a lan address. When you ran usb to the computer then connected the computer to the xbox via lan the lan controller on both your xbox and and computer set up ip addresses in a range that allows them communicate using local services. As for the usb making the internet slow that seems like a falacy to me USB 1.0 is 10 mbps which is still faster than most peoples internet USB 2.0 is faster than 100 mbps lans. In other words leave it with your original set up or buy a router.
  4. Your computer & Xbox are connected to a WAN (Wide Area Network). They need to be in a LAN (Local Area Network) to be able to communicate. As brw02005 posted, with your previous setup, you had a LAN. You need a router and not a switch.

  5. Thank you very much guys!

    I got a router and it solved the problem.

    and about the Usb slowing the internet, I didn't mean that it's slowing the internet, it's slowing the streaming rate from the computer to the xbox, the xbox needs 100 mbps connection in order to work fluently :)

    Thanks again!
  6. i've been having the same problem. i have a hundred foot cable running on the outside of my house into my room through the window. now i know nothing is wrong with my cable or the port in the back of the router because i plugged the ethernet cable into my labtop and it still connects to the internet. i called the 1-800 number for xbox but they fed me some crap that my xbox probably needs repairs but i had my buddy update my xbox a few weeks ago and he used a cable and it worked just fine. plus i have two xboxs and he updated them both and neither one will connect to the network. PLEASE HELP!!!
  7. ok so this means i need to by a router but if i buy the router how does it connect to the internet if there is no internet going to it... dont u have to buy and internet service to get internet to the router?
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