Video Editing Software Suggestions?

I'm working with some video that I've recorded via widescreen webcam. I'd like to be able to edit it, cut and crop, add titles/captions/credits/effects, and change the output resolution to specific sizes (for example 640x400, NOT 640x480).

I've tried a number of free applications such as windows movie maker, and avidemux. Movie maker does not give me the option to save as custom resolutions (only preset video sizes) and avidemux does not offer titles, effects and lacks an undo option... I could use both and do the changes I need in each one, but this is not an ideal solution.

Is there any low cost and/or free software out there that might fit my needs? I've seen a few around for about $100, and I'll get one if i can't find anything else, but I figured I'd check here if any of you wise people might have a better idea? Thanks in advance for your time!
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  1. Serif have released a free version of their powerful movie editor, MoviePlus.

    MoviePlus Starter Edition has similar functionality to Movie Maker but with support for proxy file generation and control of background tasks its performance is superior.

    It also allows project settings to be customized so you can output to your desired resolution.
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