Mouse gets laggy/jumps around

I just built a new system and am kind of frustrated with an issue with the mouse I am having. I have tried updating drivers on everything from the mouse to the mobo and chipsets. I am not sure if its something to do with my crossfire setup or other video card setttings or is it just a windows vista thing.

It seems anytime I get done playing a game or watching a youtbe video my mouse gets unresponsive and jumps around or like moves in slow motion across the screen. It shouldnt be a processor or memory issue as I have plenty of power in both departments.

Any suggestion?

PhenomII 920
8 gigs pc5300 Ram
Crossfired ATI HD4850
Asus M4A78-E mobo
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  1. My cursor moves, wandering around in tiny increments in random directions like Katharine Hepburn trying to find her meds in the dark - ever since I bought a new mouse. I discovered that it does so only when the mouse is parked on a specific area of my desk - specifically, the area that has been rubbed super-smooth by other mousen over the years. Apparently, the new one cannot deal with the "lack of landmarks". (Both the old and new meeseses are optical).
  2. Optical mice don't like relfective or transparent surfaces to be sure... but the OP said his mouse only skips under certain circumstances. What does your CPU usage look like when the mouse is moving slowly?
  3. could also be dirt or fluff check the lens and make sure there isnt anything that the led/laser can reflect of.
  4. I didn't see what kind of mouse you were using... What do you have?

    Recently I was using a Razor Lechasis. I was having all sorts of problems with it.

    Just replaced it with a Logitech and my problems are solved. Sometimes a good mouse doesn't mean a good mouse. I payed close to 70 or 80 bucks for that Razor. It's now a paper weight.

    My new Mouse.

    Look at the quality and number of customer reviews.

    - Witt
  5. You can update the firmware on the mouse, i use the copperhead at home there where some problems with it too but got them sorted. Now i'm on my second 1st one got wore out ;)
  6. I am using a Logitech MX1100 with latest driver set, have turned off mouse accelleration as well as Vsync, I have cleaned the mouse sensor as well as my desk which is a dark hardwood so should be fine to track over. It seems to work fine sometimes and then just seems to go all unresponsive the next. my cpu's dont seem to go over 14-22% utilization and im using 14% of the 8gig of pc9600 ram that I upgraded too. I did get a optical mousepad and seem to have issues still.
  7. I had a similar problem to this. What it had turned out to be was that 1. Mouse "Enable Pointer Shadow" was OFF and 2. Digsby (IM client) was on.

    Soon as I turned on Pointer Shadow the stuttering / jerky / weird movments of the cursor stopped. For some reason that combo caused something odd with processing and CPU usage would sky rocket to 99percent intermittently.
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