Best Registry/Windows Cleaner and Fixer?

Quick info, running XP Pro on a business network of 5 PC's, all PC's have original install of XP with all current updates... I can not format and reinstall any of the HDDs on the PC's because I do not have the Install file for the POS program that is installed on all of them.
Original Install was 4 years ago. Since then most of them have all new hardware (mobo, processor, ram)... have uninstalled the drivers from old hardware and installed the new drivers.

Problems now is, the server and the individual PC's sometime looses connection with one another... sometimes some of them decide get to the Windows Login screen then restart itself when you try to log-on... just various stupid things.

I'm figureing a Registry fixer/cleaner or some program of that nature will help cure problems?

I currently have ZoneAlarm Extreme Security running on one PC with all it's updates and used it's "PC Tune Up" program... it seems problems with the registry and corrected them but it didnt seem to "fix" any other the anoyences.

Thoughts and what I should do or another program to try out?

Thanks all!
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  1. I have used Registry Scrub XP for 2 yrs now, just install it, upper left Registry Scrub Finds Problems, lower left, select all problems, two buttons over, Fix all problems, far right Exit.

    It also has powerful manual cleaning, but you better know what you're doing in that section.

    The auto clean has never caused any problems.
  2. From my personal experience registry cleaners won't do some unseen magic.. but they sure can slightly speed up your computer with repairing corrupted registry entries and other mess that can be found in your Windows.

    Back in time I used Registry Winner and it was pretty decent tool. These days I simply don't install all the crap software you can find online so my registry is quite alright I presume.

    After checking some online reviews and opinions, Registry Winner still seems to be good, but software called Registry Easy is top rated on most reviews sites I checked.

    Quite detailed review with many user comments is here:

    Well.. why don't you simply download it and run a free scan so you can see on your on which one works for you the best? :sol:
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