Hw to get a 2.1 full surround in Stereo soundcard

I have Emachines Laptop E725 Which is connected to a Lunar - 121 Speaker which is 2.1.
I have Realtek HD Drivers.
Im getting a sound of stereo but not as surround as in 2.1
How do i get and the sound manager has an stereo option only
How do i get 2.1 On the option of Speaker Configrations
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  1. Try updating the drivers, u prolly find them at Realtek or Emachines
  2. But its not showing me the option in Speaker Configration its only stereo on Sound manager of realtek
  3. Ok ill try but how
    Any software or link
    I have driver detactive
    But not the serial
    I want the serial
  4. What serial? drivers do not require a serial number so what do you mean?
  5. I have Driver Detactive For its registration i need serial it will download all the out dated drivers any one has it
  6. You won't get the serial number here mate, I suggest you put your hand into your pocket and pay for it.
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