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i am lost! i had a network set up with charter cable company with two desktop computers hardwire to the gateway and one laptop conective wireless through the gateway. the cable company was charging me extra money for the home networking. so i bought another netgear gateway and told them i no longer needed there network service but i kept the internet service. both of my desktops are still working with the gateway but the laptop is not and it saids it is not connected.i know the card nside is good because i can turn off charters network program and my wireless card will hunt down signals secured and unsecured and log on.
my problem is even when i turn off their program the laptop will not find my gateway signal at all.
is there a proceedure i need to run through. or just remove charters program off my laptop and just run the netgear cd that came with the gateway. any help will be useful. thanks, Cliff21
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  1. Uninstall the program but I'd suggest you use Windows Wireless Wizard rather than Netgear's. I had a Netgear router a while back and there management program never worked as well as Windows. :) :)
  2. i uninstalled the charter instalan softwear but my laptop still will not pick up or detecting any wireless signals even though i know they are there. also it is not detecting my wireless gateway. could charter communications program have caused a block to my wireless card?
    my laptop states the card is working but is not connected.
    i also ran windows wireless network and made sure the wep key was the same as my other two computers but it still does'nt work. i can hook up to the gateway through a cable and it works great. any suggestions?
  3. Try resetting the router to the factory settings. Should be a button, possibly reset, on the back but be sure to have the factory default log in and password. Turn off all other computers and then set up the hardwired computer. Once that's working, run the Wireless Set Up Wizard. Wouldn't hurt to run CCleaner and Euisng Registry Cleaner, both free. Will delete at least some of the files that were left over after the uninstall
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