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How to upgrade from office 03 to 07

Are there any free donload tools to assist me as I upgrade from office 2003 to office 2007? What problems will I have if I simply "convert" all Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations to 2007 as I open each file in 2007?

How can I back up all the Outlook Contacts, emails, Tasks, and Calendar Appointments.......does the .pst file backup everything?
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    No need for freeware tools!
    You can readily open the previous version's office file formats in latest versions.
    So no problem at all!
    In 2007You can open the .pst, .doc, .xls everything you created in 2003.

    If you didn't purchased 2007, you can install Office 2007 compatibility pack.
    After installing this with office 2003, you can access & create all office 2007 formats in office 2003 itself!
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