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I currently have a dell 8400 that came with a ati x300 graphics card. I am looking for an upgrade for it, but I don't need a huge jump, I just see all these new and improved video cards and I am looking to see what kind of performance increase I can get on the cheap thanks
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  1. Your best bang for the buck right now is the x1950pro cards. If you want a decent DX10 card, go for the 8800GTS 320mb cards. You might also check out Toms Hardwares articles about the best gaming cards for the money. Its updated monthly, and will give you a good idea of whats out there for what you want to spend.
  2. Something along the lines of a 7600GT would be a great upgrade for you.
  3. Yeah, a 7600GS, 7600GT, X1650XT would all make good upgrades for you.

    A X1950pro would be more of a budget gaming card. I think that's a little more than what you were asking for. Great card though!
  4. For under $100 you can get either the 7600GS or the 8500GT.

    For under $120 you can get either the 7600GT or the 8600GT.

    The 8xxx series supports DX10 games. However, the two 8xxx cards I listed above are slightly slower at DX9 games than their respective 76xx cousins. It could be a driver issue.
  5. For cheap, try e-bay. Do look at your power supply to be certain that it can handle the increase in load from proposed card.
  6. Alot of times on newegg you can find a EVGA 7600GT with MIR for $89.99 + shipping.
  7. SO how much you wanna spend? ill post a list of cards and there prices.
    (im GOING to assume you have PCI-E)

    First Nvidia cards

    49.99 after 20$ MIR




    Now ATI offers....



    115$ After 20$ MIR(WOW great price)

    170$ after 20$ MIR(Cant beat this price)

    I gave you a WHOLE slew of excellent choices here are some of my suggestions.

    For 50$ go for the X1300XT really good card that didn't get the credit it should of received.

    for 100$ that X1950GT cannot be beat it blows away all cards within that price range.

    For 170$ the X1950XT, THIS ONE I STRONGLY RECOMMEND for 150$ thats an insane DEAL that will DESTROY ALL cards. With little need to upgrade in the future seeing how strong that card is.

    Is this your computer?
  8. depends on your budget and your current power supply.

    so if you can give us those info we may be able to give you a better options.
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