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Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and my first computer build. I wouldn't say I'm completely clueless but I do own a Dell so enough said. I would like to build my own computer for my next one.

So far I know what cpu i want. It will be an Intel core 2 duo e6600 775
due to the great reviews and benchmarks from this site and others.

Now the next step would be picking a motherboard...but there's so many brands and even 5 different boards that would work within 1 brand.

Any advice on what the next great motherboard everyone is spending their money on is? i would like to spend around $250-300

also any other advice on my first computer build?

thanks in advance
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  1. Are you going to be gaming?

    Do you want to SLI?

    What do you plan on using this computer for?

    Do you know of the Intel price cuts on July 22?
  2. The computer will be used as a family computer which would include everything.

    Audio conversion, burning dvds, playing movies, photo editing, games( the kids like to play games like command and conquer, the sims, warcraft)
    I would like the computer to be able to run most games out today without any problems.

    2) I don't even know what SLI is
  3. With so much money, a lot of MB is available!

    But of course you dont want to spend money just because you have it right? You need to find something that is good and yet value for money. Take a look at the Gigabyte 965 chipset. A lot of people love it.

    Lastly, building your own computer is a good experience to learn about the components but you may face bigger or worst frustration than you are experiencing with DELL. Say you build a computer but it can't turn on. Power Supply or the MB or could it be the CPU? THen you need to troubleshoot the problem yourself and identify the problem, then you need to RMA it which will take time.

    If you have with DELL, maybe the tech support is sucks and maybe you need to wait for 2 or 3 weeks to get your parts fixed but that makes you think building your own will not face bigger problems?

    Anyway, building a computer is a fun thing becuase you can "customized" your computer down to every little details and you'll get the satisfaction that its your own computer with the performance you want.

    - Charles
  4. Ok you don't need SLI any way

    The Gigabyte is a good MB.

    now if you build your own PC you can upgrade your parts as you need more power. Or new things come out.
    As with DE11 when you need to upgrade you go buy a new PC.

    So what you want to do is Future Proof you Pc so with that said I would say get the new P35 MB.
    this MB will support the CPU's of today and the new ones coming out.
    As said on July Intel will cut prices by all most 1/2 off todays prices and there will be some new CPUs

    Are you going to need some help puting it to gether?
    I.E. some web guides

    Do you want me to give you a list of parts I would get if I was in your shoes?
  5. the purpose of building my own computer is not because I think there will be less problems than my current Dell dimension. I was simply stating that Dells are not the best quality of computers. (my whole computer has only 1 fan, just for the cpu about 80mm. it overheats constantly among other problems)

    I would like to build one with alittle better quality parts, with proper cooling fans, and case fans, and also take this time to experience and learn even if i do have problems along the way

    deadhead matt, a parts suggestions would be very helpful
  6. Ok how much $$ are we talking

    now making a parts list is not done here but I'm not doing any thing so what the h3ll!!!!
  7. And you are in the US right????
  8. When I saw that P35 motherboard, only one word came to my mind....... Overkill.

    But I guess it will work fine and hold out for a long.............time.
  9. i'm in canada but i assume i can get all parts from the us

    i want to spend around $1000-1200 in total
  10. Quote:
    When I saw that P35 motherboard, only one word came to my mind....... Overkill.

    But I guess it will work fine and hold out for a long.............time.

    But a lot of people will build or puy a PC and not upgrade for a long time

    with this MB he can us it for a long time and upgrade a few times
  11. Quote:
    i'm in canada but i assume i can get all parts from the us

    i want to spend around $1000-1200 in total

    Ok just a few ???

    Do you have keyboard and monitor

    And will that $$$ amount do you need an OS or do you got a copy that will work

    And do you Over clock????
  12. Quote:
    i'm in canada but i assume i can get all parts from the us

    i want to spend around $1000-1200 in total

    Ok just a few ???

    Do you have keyboard and monitor

    And will that $$$ amount do you need an OS or do you got a copy that will work

    And do you Over clock????

    i have keyboard, mouse, monitor, and OS, ethernet, sound blast audio.
    a graphics card on my current computer but it is an agp and i think the new ones are pci correct me if i'm wrong.

    no i don't plan to overclock since i have heard that voids ur warranty, and i;d like to play it safe i guess u could say
  13. Due to the taxes involved (PST/GST) most popular American online retailers won't ship to Canada. I, being an American really have no idea which retailers would be the cheapest but I did find Tiger which sells in Canada. Tiger Direct is about a tier 2 online retailer in the US which makes me believe you can find a better deal somewhere else. That being said let me piece out a system for you from Tiger Direct just to let you see where your at then you can look around and find a better deal.

    You said you were saving the keyboard, mouse, sound card, monitor and so on from your previous system, what about the hard drive. If you want a hard drive what size do you need? Short of the HDD you basically need a motherboard, CPU, video card, RAM, and a case. The case is very subjective, it really has a lot to do with personal preference but I will suggest Antec. Antec makes quality cases that are inexpensive, quiet and well built. There are other good brands as well but as I said it's up to you.

    video card
    power supply

    Total= $925.93 with the first motherboard
    $939.93 with the second

    As I said I'm sure you can find a retailer cheaper than this and that combined with the room I left you will allow for a case, fans, shipping and maybe even a hard drive if you need it.
  14. Ok here we go

    Gigabyte LGA775 ATX Motherboard GA-P35-DS3P 210.00

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz 4M shared L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor 223.90

    HIPER HPU-4K530-MS ATX12V v2.2 530W Power Supply 75.00

    Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD3200AAKS 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive 80.00

    CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory 140.00 this is over kill (not buy size)

    XFX PVT84JUDD3 GeForce 8600GT 256MB 128-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card 150.00

    SAMSUNG Black 18X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 8X DVD+R DL 18X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 39.00

    Now for the bad news 917.90 now I did not take out the rebate on RAM or add in shipping.

    Now like I said the Ram is over Kill. But it was on the QVL and it is what I use (you could get some cheap value Ram). But would stay with the same amont. And 2 gigs will help in games and if you use vista.

    The video card is DX10 it is not the top of the line but is not on the bottom. And if you use vista or plan to no video card upgrade.

    Now for the case well you have to pick that and there is $$$ left over for that. If it was me a I run full towers better cooling and a lot of room to work in. And being big it is good for any one who is building for the first time(just my 2 cents). :wink:
    Also most but not all cases do not come with fans and if they do they are cheap and not vary good at cooling. And DO NOT use a power supply that comes with a case JUNK and that is all to say about that!!!!!!!

    Now I throw a DVD CD burner in as it was not on your list of things you had. If you keep your old D3ll and don't take parts off it you can still use it.

    Now you said that you do not over clock but I would say get a better CPU heat sink like this one cheap in $$$ and you don't have to deal with the clips on the stock HS.And it will keep your PC cool for HR's of gaming

    MASSCOOL 8WA741 92mm Ball CPU Cooler 21.00

    Well I hope this helps :D
  15. My post is in USD

    Now I didn't think you need SLI going off that you did not know what it is but I should let you make that call.

    SLI or crossfire is when you take 2 video card and link them to make 1 big one (not geting vary technical here) you get some more FPS.

    And a smaller money clip :wink:

    Well off to bed help you some more in the morning!
  16. Well if you really want solid gaming performance, an 8800 gts 320mb would be more than adequate to handle games well into the next year. The prob with the vid card is that there are a ton of brands evga, xfx, etc, and I couldn't recommend any since I haven't got the money to buy one and it ain't available where I am. Just ask around.

    Then at least 2gb of ram, the kingston value ram would be good enough if you ain't interested in overclocking.

    Hard drive. If you're looking for space, a Seagate, or WD 320GB sata 2 drive could be sufficient for now. (Not really sure about Toshiba hard drives). If you're looking for performance, you need a WD Raptor. Though be wary as a 135GB drive could cost you 1.5-2x more than a 250GB regular 7200rpm drive.

    Now for the board, there are a ton of choices, generally it is initially up to what you need. Generally if you want insane performance, a board with an nvidia 680 chipset is advised. More balanced performance/price with 965 chipset. Technically "low-end" boards are those with the 945 chipset. If you're not tight on the budget but don't want SLI, you could go with the Gigabyte 965 DS3. Though there are other recommendable boards.
  17. wow... I gotta jump in now

    Why would he use a P35?? He's not going Quad core....and its going to be alot of money now.... when I doubt he'll be consistently upgrading through the life-span of 775.

    drop the E6600 or the E6420 for that matter....

    E6320 carries the same cache size, saves money...
    Board? The Abit IB9 is a solid, less costly solution.
    an X1600? get out.... I would have had less problem if you said X1650

    I'm not sure your gaming desires but I dont believe you'll be having the need for any X2xxx or 88xx series card; last gen will work fine unless your aiming @ the arrival of DX10 titles.

    Sure, use Kingston Valueram all you want...
    you can pick up a set of G.skill 2x1GB usually cheaper and with tighter timings... or PDP whom hand out lots of MIR's.

    Nice recommendation on the PSU: Except he's not going to need that unit, more specifically @ $200 He can instead pick up a 600W OCZ unit, and again, save some $$$

    you guys are tossing out nice equipment opinions, but you fail to realize that there's cheaper alternatives out there that will suit him just fine. He's not building a dedicated gaming rig - its a multi-media machine....

    An SLI cert PSU? come' on fellas.... A $210 cpu that when he'll be just happy with a $160 chip. A $200 motherboard when he can get his use for around $90??? --- those 3 components alone I just mentioned are savings of at least 200 bucks.
  18. All good points Raven_87

    As for the OP haven't heard a word from him other then a sec post of the same subject.

    It helps if you work with the people that are trying to help you :roll:
  19. 2 good sites in Canada
  20. What I was trying to do was going off the CPU that he wanted and give him a PC that would not have to be upgraded for a Good long time and go from XP to Vista when he was ready for an OS upgrade with out any pains in his @$$

    Yes I don't think the OP is a PC nut and one that upgrades a lot!!
    So the parts will last a long time and if he wants more power down the road he has a PC that can be upgraded.
  21. Raven_87 you are correct, some of my suggestions were a little over the top but it was late and I was just trying to get through it. I'm not real familiar with where Canadians go to get their gear and the reason I chose such a pricey PSU was due to the fact that Tiger didn't have anything under $200 worth wasting money on. Also when it comes to mid-level or lower high-end video cards I would have to look to see where the sweet spot would be. I was actually looking for something like the x1900xt or the x1950xt to suggest to him but just got annoyed thumbing through their menus. Not my best as far as suggestions go.
  22. dont sweat guys, I know we all mean well....

    sometimes I even catch myself with possible overkill on the folkes
    I personally help;

    however your right, the OP visiting this thread once in a blue moon would be nice
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