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I've done repeated scans with Malwarebytes to try and get rid of these files. Malwarebytes says that they are Worm.Parite infections. They are in my Local Settings/Temp folder and they have odd names like one was hpa8.tmp and another is tya48.tmp. I've tried safe mode and even unplugging my comp from the net but they still remain there. Somehow they even pop-up after a fresh install of XP Pro. I've got everything updated but yet these buggers still persist on not going away. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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    Try this. You've installed Malware bytes, update that. Also try Super Anti Spyware, and update that. Install an antivirus program such as Avira if you don't have one already. After updating all those programs, backup any files, disable system restore, then reboot into safe mode, be sure Super Antispyware is updated, and run that also in safe mode. If you are not doing a full format and reinstall, sometimes malware can hide out in your restore points, which is why you disable it to delete those copies, then after you have cleaned the machine, re-enable it. Let us know if this helps out or not.
  2. Ive done full reformats many times bought i found the culprit. It happened to be the Win32.Parite virus that has since been abolished from my comp, but I appreciate your help. Thanks :D
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