Internal wireless adapter disappeared after XP reinstall

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop, 1.6mhz Centrino Pentium M, that is a couple of years old. It was connected to my ISP's Siemens Speed Stream DSL router to the internet. (Additionally, my desktop is connected to the router via wire) The system was getting boggy. I checked for any malware. (Tweren't any) I decided to use my Dell Windows XP SP2 reinstallation disc for a totally fresh install. My internal wireless adapter is now missing from the Network Connections and/or the Device Manager. I have run the Network Setup wizard on both machines but the adapter refuses to reappear. I installed and ran Auslogic System Information and it only recognizes the 1394 connection that I am not using. Anybody know how to reinstall/reestablish this wireless connection/adapter? Thanks.
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  1. Did you use the Device Driver CD to reinstall all the drivers? You can download them from here.

  2. Thanks Grumpy. That did the trick!
  3. please how do i make my wireless adaptor to my HP G6000 laptop to start working..i removed vista os that came with it to an xp os.service pack 3. :??:
  4. You will need to find an XP driver for that card then. I don't know if the Vista driver will work for it or not, might, but no guarantee.
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