Windows 7 won''t open email outlook through pdf form

I have created an adobe form using acrobat pro x. It has an email submit button. When you click on it up comes the window for your email (Outlook) and then it automatically sends your form to "Joe". We currently have it on our intranet for all users to be able to access. If the user has Windows 7, the form will send without outlook opening, but if you have XP, it will open up Outlook and then the user hits 'send'.

I am using Outlook 10 and windows 7, but others have XP and Outlook 7 and they do not have the same issue, only windows 7 users

Any ideas???
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  1. I have actually created the form using LiveCycle ES2 with assitance from Acrobat X. I am to roll out the form company wide, but I am failing the testing because I have a bunch of users with Windows 7 that will not be able to 'email' the form. Users with XP do not have the issue.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Have you tried Office 2007 on Windows 7? Windows 7 is not your only differnece, you are also using different versions of Office.
  3. I have a user with Office 2007 with XP that does not have any issue. I do not have any users with 2007/W7. The issue is with 2010/W7. I first assumend it was with Windows 7, but I am begining to suspect Office 10 as well.
    Any suggestions or have you heard of any issues??? I am desperate for a resolution at this point.
  4. Install Office 2007 on a Windows 7 system if it works, it's an Office issue and you can go from there.
  5. Unfortunatley I am unable to install Office 07 onto a W7 machine. We do not have any available machines. I am doing further testing, but even if I do narrow it down to Office 10, what is my next recourse? Do I convert the form, do I put something else onto the form? I just feel like I am battleing this on my own and not getting anywhere fast. :cry:
  6. Ok, I have convinced IT to lend me a machine that I can put Office 07 on with W7, so I will report back in a little bit. Wish me luck!
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    Hold on, you have an IT group? Shouldn't this go to them to look at?
  8. We were able to try it in all scenerios and after many many hours we found that one word in my coding was wrong. I had teh UI set to false and it should have been true.
    Thank you very much for your help
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