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My old soundblaster card had an option to have it so the mics input was what was playing directly on my applications(an option you could enable called "what you hear" in the mic settings). In other words, it didnt try to "hear" the sounds from the physical microphone but instead took the audio from whatever i was playing, be it winamp, a game, etc. i was wondering if there was a software that could do this. thanks
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  1. Have a look a Magix Music Maker. The free version can be download at On the download page to the left there is a newer version link
  2. thanks. tried the program out but it didnt have what i needed. im not actually trying to record anything.

    im trying to broadcast what my winamps playing on voice chat(yahoo msgr, skype, etc) without having to use a mic
  3. The only programs I know of that do this are to record what the sound card is putting out, not to redirect it to another program. Do the chat programs even have an option for this? I would think in addition to having a program to read the sound data, the other program needs to be able to use it.
  4. well back when i had a sound blaster live, i was able to to use the "what you hear" function for my yahoo messenger/aim/msn voice chat. the card is old though and doesn't work with windows 7 64-bit

    i have an onboard realtek HD now. from what i've read, it used to have the same function but was taken out to help prevent music piracy
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