Ripping a dvd to my hard drive

So i'm to say this before i start, these are my physical dvd's not renting and ripping or anything like that

So anyways, I've seen alot of good things about handbrake, and have been messing around with it, but when i try to rip it straight form the dvd, i'm guessing it's not decoding the encryption correctly, I've seen people using dvd43 to get it to the desktop with the encryption remove then encode it to whatever format handbrake, but dvd43 is only 32bit to my knowledge and i'm using 64 bit windows 7

so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated
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  1. To be able to rip a DVD to your HDD requires breaking or bypassing the Copy Protection of the DVD which is illegal, and seeking or supplying this type information here at THGF is a violation of the THGF Terms of Use.

    Since you are a long term member here I will give you this as a warning if you continue to seek this information here at THGF, you will be permanently banned. Ryan
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