Driver Issues in XP x64

*sigh* Im tired and dont want to search anymore. I hate asking others to find answers for me, makes me feel lazy. But alas, i have no choice.

Ive read a lot, and there are conflicting views on XP x64. Some love it for its stability and say it works great with everything. Others despise it and say it doesnt support anything. I find it to be an excellent OS, but do agree that the support sucks.

I have a Linksys Wireless G network adapter. WUSB54G version 4 i believe. Linksys does NOT provide x64 drivers. i tried "third party drivers" since I saw somewhere they worked, but no, not for me. I installed the drivers, and while the network adapter's control panel finally worked, it was "disabled" and i found no way to get it to work. I've been working on this all night, and im exhausted.

I spent the last 2 weeks building this computer. it plays games unlike any machine ive used, and its amazingly fast in every way, but with College starting in 4 days, i NEED internet. Oh, and College, Computer build, and recent birthdays have left me with no money, so the cheapest fix would be best. If you think you can help at all, please try. ANY help and input will be appreciated. If you need more specs on my system, just ask. Some are in my signiture I believe
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  1. nevermind, i got it. sorry to have wasted anyone's time.
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