DG965WH Board@Intel, can not find driver for my microphone !


I own an Intel DG965WH motherboard.

The only problem i face is the following: Can not find the driver to allow recording or SKYPE using microphone with this borad!! both front and back inputs are not heard or not properly heard with this board.

Whats drivers should i use?
Did some-1 else face this problem?

Any ideas? Used all Intels drivers but could not hear my mic. !!

thanks in advance, yehuda
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  1. Is your sound card installed properly?

    If it is, go to the control panel and open the Sound and Audio Devices icon.
    Click on the Audio tab and make shure the default device under the sound recording section is set to the sound device you are using.
    Click on Volume tab, and under the Device volume tab, select Advanced.
    Select options => properties and make shure there is a check mark next to Microphone.
    Click on OK, you should now see Microphone listed in your volume bar.
    Last step. Uncheck the mute button under the microphone slider.

    Your microphone should now be working.
  2. Hi,

    I am using the on-board sound and i am familier with the icon mentioned in ur reply and do it properly.

    I am afraid it something else, for example, CDs are heard perfectly BUT skype in some of the drivers only...

    thanks anyway, yehuda
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