Newbie Question - Sapphire ATI Radeon X1950 PRO 512MB

I'm guessing Im just being paranoid but does this seem right in this screenshot?

Core clock for X1950 PRO is 580MHz and Memory Clock is 1400MHz.

the core clock is fine but the memory clock doesnt sound right... unless theres some multiplier or something to double it to what its suppose to be?

Thanks for any help! :D
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  1. yup thats fine.

    The memory is shown as 701 mhz rated but in reality its actually 701x2 DDR (double data rate) so thats 1402 mhz

    dont worry about it :P
  2. Yea this had me worried to as blade said its doubled so its right i changed drivers and played about for about an hour before i thought to ask when i installed my x1650xt :oops:

  3. haha awesome, thanks for the help guys. :D
  4. yeah - that's confirmed
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