Vista 32bit Upgrade to Vista 64 Bit upgrade + Easy Transfer

I was curious on something. Im trying to avoid a lot of data loss here.

I currently have retail Vista Upgrade which has the 32bit and 64bit disks. Im considering going to 64bit but wish to avoid a lot of data loss.

So heres what I was thinking and curious if it is possible.

Could I possibly set up an easy transfer of my current 32bit config to a disc or external drive, then format, install my xp, upgrade that to the 64bit, and THEN use the easy transfer to brink back the settings? Or am I just doomed to having to start from scratch on my main drive?

Oh and also a quick one. I have a few hard drives. After I upgrade, will that data still be usable? Assuming its not applications that need reinstalls (media and general just files i dont mind manually copying and moving)?
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  1. Applications will have to be reinstalled regardless... it's not possible to upgrade directly from 32-bit to 64-bit... you must perform a clean install. The best thing is to copy your data manually to another drive, install 64-bit Vista, then copy your data back.

    What data are you concerned about? Anything that's usable under 32-bit Vista will be usable under 64-bit Vista... after all Windows is Windows... you only have to be concerned about your drivers being 64-bit.
  2. Hi, thank you for replying.

    Let me be more clear here. As you get what I am doing about halfway. =)

    I already know regardless that these being "Upgrade" disks I will have to format a drive, install XP and upgrade that to vista 64bit.

    What I am concerned about is registry information, emails and all that stuff that "Easy Transfer" supports.

    I am only curious if I were to

    1. Prepare this Vista 32 bit with Easy Transfer to a new drive or cd (for the transfer data to be stored)
    2. Install XP on different hard drive.
    3. Upgrade that XP to Vista 64bit.
    4. (And this is the important part) Use that easy transfer Data I made of the current Vista 32bit to the new Freshly "Upgraded xp to vista 64 bit"

    I am already under the assumption a whole lot of stuff will have to be reinstalled. But id like to preserve as much as possible and Im wondering if this method will work at all or if the fact that I have upgraded from XP to Vista 64 bit will not work.
  3. You don't have to install XP... you can perform a clean install with the Vista upgrade media. I've never used Easy Transfer... I prefer to copy my files manually... but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work.
  4. You are right about that. I was actually just reading up on that. Then I was searching around to see if MS had found a way to cut that off (the clean install) but it appears it still works and has essentially been doable with all upgrades of previous OS's heh.

    My ultimate concern right now is my outlook.pst file. I cant find my office 2003 disk and case. I had purchased it previously through work for 10 dollars from a deal the two companies had together (pretty common thing).

    Its no so much that i need to have the office 2003 installed again, but that i cant seem to find anywhere where i can safely convert or import the pst file into either Thunderbird or OpenOffice. I know there is a Thunderbird plugin that does this but apparently it has many troubles.

    Over all though im begining to think aside from this one problem the easiest solution is as you say. Clean install Vista as described in the articles and just start moving things back manually and installing what I want as needed or think of off hand.

    If you know anything about the .pst situation that would help. Otherwise your input thus far has been greatly appreciated. Thanks again. =)

    Edit: Ok. I got the pst thing figured out. Just imported outlook 2003 emails into the default vista windows mail. Then exported that to a second hard drive so I can reimport upon new install. I think im just about ready to do this switch soon. =D
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