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Best Remote Control Software?

Hi All,

I currently work at a pretty large Credit Union in New York. I work in an IT department of about 30 individuals, with varying responsibilities.

We are currently using a very frustrating software "IBM Director Console" for remote PC management within our CU. From my understanding this software is free, and that is the only reason we're still using it. On a regular basis it ceases to function (4-5 times throughout the day) and the server requires a reboot, greatly increasing the time it takes to assist employees.

I'm looking for the best value/functionality/performance out of a remote control package. We have about 800+ employees/PC's.

I tried Scriptlogic's Remote Support Center, and was not impressed with the speed.

Does anyone work in a similar environment, and have suggestions for a solid remote package?

As long as it just displays a large list of all the PC's with their IP addresses, I'll be happy.
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    Take a look at Teamviewer or Logmein.
  2. We use on premise remote support appliance such as RHUB in our organization to enable remote desktop sharing. It has easy to use functionality and best part is, it is only one time payment.
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