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I have a new rig and am looking to buy a PCIe card. Based on the May article in THG and the forums, I plan to buy a 7600GT and upgrade later to a DX10 card.

My only concern is Vista compatibility. There have been reviews saying these will not work with Vista Home Premium, but NVidia claims they are compatible. Can anyone confirm or refute that? Three versions of the EVGA 7600GT are below.

$110 -


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  1. I don't have the exact cards you linked to, but I've been using a Gigabyte 7600GT for 3 months on Vista Premium with no problems. If you plan on using the TV out on the card, then there are still driver problems preventing overscan correction, but for gaming or regular PC use the drivers are fine. Just be sure to get a recent driver from nvidia's website instead of the bundled drivers that come with the card and you'll be fine.
  2. They're all Vista compatible. Just use the nVidia drivers, and you'll be fine as far as compatibility goes. Performance-wise, the drivers are a bit crappy for Vista, but you shouldn't have crashes or be forced to run without Aero.

    Why don't you get this X1650XT instead? It's a bit faster than the 7600GT, and the same price.
  3. I have the EVGA 7600 GT and am running Vista Ultimate.

    This vid card even runs the dreamscene content on the desktop without problems.

    It's a good vid card, and plays games well.... FEAR is smooth at 1600x1200 on my 22" lcd

    Even my old 6800GT (which I paid $400 for 2 1/2 yrs ago) has a little problem.... Just getting old I guess.....

    Anyways, You'll like the card and save some moolah!
  4. The initial drivers sucked ballz.....

    But the new ones that were released helped a lot... Even screensavers run better now!!

    These are cool and just a bit trippy!
  5. Yep they both work fine together. The only problem using a 7600gt on vista home premium is the rubbish drivers. Eventually when all the bugs are worked out it should get better.
  6. There are now 8600 GTs on Newegg for $110, but they have much slower memory than the reference 8600 GT.

    I'm curious if performance is as good as the 7600 GT...
  7. Thanks for the feedback. The posts saying these had compatibility issues must have been wrong, or freak incidents.

    I'm a bit of an NVidia guy, and while the THG review said they're about even, the reviews for the ATI card are much more positive. I may be switching camps.
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