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Mcafee Internet Security 2010

I bought a copy of Mcafee Internet security 2010. For some reason when I installed this progrmam on a second computer. It tells me that I have used all three licenses. In fact I've installed this software on two computers only. Is there a way for me to fix this.
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  1. Not sure about that. But honestly, I would not use Mcafee anyway. Too much $$ and too much of a memory hog in my opinion. You will probably need to contact their customer support.

    But if you are interested, check out Avast antivirus, they have a free edition for home users that is supposed to be good. I personally still like AVG antivirus, also free.

    So a couple of options there. But generally, my experience with Mcafee has been that the program just seems to drag the computer down. There are better options out there for free IMO.
  2. Dump mcafee it is junk....use avast or avira with malwarebytes and pc tools firewall plus all are free and better than mcafee!
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    comodo internet security..
    it's free and user friendly, has all the tools to secure your system.
    check it out.
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