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I've recently bought a Belkin 54G access point to act as a wireless bridge to connect my desktop to the wireless network (provided by the 2Wire HGV 2700 router) - basically I'm wanting to connect my desktop to the HGV 2700 wirelessly through the Belkin 54G access point i.e. the Belkin will act as a wireless bridge - connecting desktop to HGV 2700.

I was just wondering has anyone actually managed to add an access point through the HGV 2700 - I can not see any obvious way to do this through the web interface. I am having trouble getting both the Belkin and HGV 2700 to talk to each other - both are set to the same channel and all security has been turned off with no MAC filtering enabled. But neither device can see the other.

Can anyone please help or advise?

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  1. Well I'll begin by stating the obvious an access point is not a bridge. Now that said if you access point can bridge then look how to do it in the manual. There should be a bridge mode then it should ask you for the ssid of the HGV as well as the password and encyprtion used. If it does not have these settings then your SOL.
  2. Hi brw02005

    Many thanks - this explains a lot and also makes me think I've bought the wrong hardware (i.e. bought an access point when I meant to buy a bridge) Item I bought was a Beklin Wireless G Range Extender/Access Point F5D7130.

    I've had a look around on the net to see if it is possible to get this hardware to act as a bridge - not looking good so far and looks like I've just wasted £30 :-(

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