MY LG burner wont play a Blu-Ray disk 2010

I just purchased an LG08LU20 Blu-Ray Burner. It came with Cyberlink's "Blu-ray Disc Suite, version 8, software. Everything loaded fine. I have a Windows PC,8GB,Vista64,Radeon 4870 graphics card. The LG will play a standard DVD movie but will not play a Blu-Ray movie, I've tried several. I keep getting the error "unsupported disk format". I called LG and they said it was the software, that the unit was working. I've contacted Cyberlink and have yet to receive an answer. What am I missing here?
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    YOU need the ultra version nine or higher,or WIN DVD PRO 2010 to play blurays!windvd pro 2010 is much better ,that is what i use!

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