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I have lost the cd that came with my xbox 360 controller for use with my pc and it had the needed drivers on it. I have been looking around on the net for drivers that I could download to my computer but so far I have had no luck in finding one. Can anyone out there help me find a site to download the drivers for my controller? I would hate to go out and buy another controller just to get the drivers on the included cd.
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  1. If it is an original xbox 360 controller, vista should already have the drivers for it.

    If it is not an original controller, then try google and look for the specific model and drivers for it.

    If the drivers are necessary, then it shouldn't be hard to find.
  2. thanks for your reply. I did google it but came up empty. It looks like an original type xbox 360 controler but maybe there are some out there that just look like it. But it did say xbox 360 on the box it came in and I don't see anyone being able to copy the name. But there is definitely no drivers in my computer, even tho you say vista should have them, because when I hit the button on it to hunt for the drivers remotely , it wasn't able to find them. Looks like I will have to buy another new controler and get the cd with all the drivers on it that way,, as much as I hate the thought of having to do that :(. But thanks again for your advise.
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