Can't open jpegs attached to emails in Outlook Express

I have searched and googled to try to work this out without any luck.

I cannot open jpgs attached to emails in Outlook express.

When I try to open the jpg by either: ~ Right click, or double click

Message says

""The path you specified is not valid or supported by Picture Manager. Verify that the path is a valid Windows Share Point Services picture library, that the folder exists, that the path is correct, and try again."

When I click OK…..
Blank page opens in Windows Picture Manager with the following message..

“No Folders selected.
To preview pictures, click on a location in the Pictures Shortcut task pane.”

Clicking on the Shortcut Task page give the message ** The selected locations do not contain content to preview**
I sent myself a jpeg..and still have the same problem.
Please is there anything I can do to fix this..
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  1. Try this.......Control Panel>Folder Options>File Types. Scroll down to JPE JPE File highlight it & for Details for 'JPE' extension make sure it says Opens with: Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. If not change it & Apply. Do this same procedure for JPEG JPEG File and JPG JPG File. Let me know if it works out.
  2. Thanks for getting back to me...I had been to Control Panel etc in the past, and had no success...
    Today for some reason, I was able to open a jpg which had been sent to me...but when I found your reply here, and followed your instructions, I went back to that jpg which arrived today, but had no success in opening it..abd ot exactly the same message as in my first posting..o
    The techie guy who built my PC, doesn't know how to fix it..
    I am really confused...and frustrated...
  3. I just tried to open the jpeg again, that was sent today... and guess what! It opened..

    It seems it is an intermittent problem...perhaps I have a housekeeping problem, but I try to keep it under control, at least on the PC. :-))
  4. This is happening to me, too.

    I found if I went into Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, go into Microsoft Office Basic Addition 2003, click on Change and then do a repair, it fixes the problem.

    However, I've had to do this twice now because it doesn't seem to last very long before it gets goofed up again.

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