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I just got a new laptop and downgraded it from vista to xp but everytime i try to partition it and install the OS seperately the computer thinks that drive is the default drive. I want drive C to be my default drive. If i try to install a program it goes to the 15gb drive D partition where i wanted my windows folder to be at. I got partition magic and tried to do it through there but i think i did it wrong or something cause now it won't go pass the welcome screen. It stays blue with the wallpaper but that's not a problem since nothing is on it and i can re-format it again. How would i go about doing this? I need to get this laptop running for college and this is bugging me.
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  1. Should have stuck with Vista... ;)

    You have to delete your C: partition and recreate and reformat. If you don't care about keeping the other partition, then you can delete it as well and partition all the free space on the drive for C: and Windows.
  2. Cant stick with vista even if i wanted to since i dont like it and i will use my laptop for music.
    As for the partitioning issue. I want to start back from scratch so if i delete both partitions right now which are screwed any how and recreate drive c then what?....how would i put the OS on one partition and my program files on the other so when i go to install something the default drive is drive C not drive D where the windows folder is.
  3. Try using it for a while before knocking it... music plays just as well under Vista as it does under XP.

    Yes, delete all partitions and recreate. Format the primary C: partition and install Windows onto it. Format the other partition once Windows is installed. Then you will have Windows on C: and you can format and do what you want with D:. There is of course a way to change the default install folder, but I'm not sure of the procedure. I do know it involves making a couple of changes to the registry.

    Your last post is a bit confusing. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you want Windows and all of your programs on the same partition or do you want them on separate partitions? If you want everything on the same partition, then deleting and recreating partitions and installing Windows is all you need to do. Windows will be on C: and all programs will install to C:. If you want them on separate partitions, then I can't answer your question... someone else will have the answer or you'll have to Google it.
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