Unstable Quad SLI and Desktop Windows Management (DWM)

Hi all,

I having dificulty solving an issue after upgrading to Quad GTX 295 SLI.

I have had 9600gt SLi work perfectly one GTX 295 work perfectly but adding another GTX 295 in quad sli, on first boot during login equals unstable desktop then after 20 or so seconds red patchy screen turns into a restart/BSOD.

Solved this issue by disabling desktop windows management (DWM) service in safe mode so now dont get my glass opaque desktop visuals. I try re-enabling DWM after every new nvidia driver update but no luck. My thoughts are all over the place but looking to try QUAD GTX 295's in an i7 eventually, Any thoughts or anyone experinced similiar issue's?

Vista SP2 x64
Nvidia Drivers 186.18
Motherboard XFX 680i LT
Corsair 850-TX (850watts)
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  1. "Corsair 850-TX (850watts)"
    Theres your problem!!!
  2. fowang said:
    "Corsair 850-TX (850watts)"
    Theres your problem!!!

    Thanks for the advice but i dont know till i try 1000giga watts psu.

    Have you known of a "power usage in watts utility"? I seen it in this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRajYOUdI2o during 3dmark vantage but never heard of it so is there such a software utility?

    I spoke to XFX support and they confirmed it should be ok even though Nvidia do recommend a 1000w+. The corsair would handle it it had 70amp 12v single rail and 4x pci-e plugs.
  3. i wouldnt recommend running 2 9600's and 2 gtx295's either why would you need all the grapics power any way?
  4. fowang said:
    i wouldnt recommend running 2 9600's and 2 gtx295's either why would you need all the grapics power any way?

    Why because i like pc gaming and for 10 years now and finally in the market for top dollar specs, I know 1 card is bang for buck but just had to try Quad SLI out for myself mainly on playing and recording crysis smoothly using fraps but ran into problems with DWM anyways i come to terms that SLI is a bad investment like many people have said and sold 1 card and got a ps3 ready for crysis 2 next year, was that a good/bad move?

    P.s I should have researched before but it looks possible to record HD PC games lag free using Hauppauge HD PVR and a second pc. its a bit messy but here goes.... DVI male to hdmi female adaptor, hdmi to component cable into Hauppauge HD PVR Looped through to component HD TV while the Hauppauge HD PVR connects/records via USB to 2nd pc. One snatch from memory i heard pcs connected via compenet and hdmi gives black borders causing you to rezise loosing 1:1 pixel mapping, my head hurts :pt1cable:
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