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I want to save some pictures that are on Web pages. Before, when I right clicked on a picture, the little window would open with the file name of the picture and I could choose a folder to save it to. For the past few days, when I tried to do this, it says untitled and the pull down tab on the bottom only has bitmap.

I first ran into the problem when I was using IE6. I went back to IE5 and the problem still exists. I then downloaded Opera and I am able to save pictures there (they are labeled when I try to save them). Still, I am used to using IE and would like to go back to using it if at all possible. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What file types are these images originally?

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  2. The pictures on the Web pages were *.jpg. I never had any problem saving pictures before. When I right clicked on the picture and chose "save picture as .." the name of the picture would be in the box and then I would just choose the folder to save to and it would save it to my computer. I don't know why IE doesn't let me save in anything but *.bmp now. Or why it doesn't display the name of the file. It just says untitled. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have met the same proble, but it can be bypassed, bit slow, but it works. Windows stores ALL images when used IE in "x:\windows\temporary internet files\*.*" you could check here for the images you need. Don't empty cache, or the images will be lost (copy them elsewhere).

    - Jan :)

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  4. Hmm, you have not heard of any way of getting past this problem? I guess I will be formating my hard drive real soon then and will put everything on clean. I expect and hope that will bring it back to the way it used to be. Thanks for the tip about the looking in that temp folder.
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