"Cannot communicate with primary DNS server"

I have been having issues with my wireless connection for the past few weeks, and I'm on the verge of ripping my hair out.

My setup consists of the following:
Router: NETGEAR WGR614v6
Network Adapter: ASUS P5K-E built-in WiFi
Operating System: Vista Home Premium x64

This computer is used primarily for gaming. Other than the frequent occurrence of the above error message, everything runs silky smooth. This error message comes about under the same circumstances every time. I'll be playing a game (usually Call of Duty 4 or Team Fortress 2) and go to refresh the server list. When I do, the list fails to populate.

After this happens, I close the game and return to the desktop. At this point, my internet no longer functions properly. I can log in to my router's administration panel, but that's it. This all happens the exact moment I refresh a server list...I can literally leave a server on which everything is running fine without any hitches at all and then my internet just dies the moment I refresh the server list.

I run the Vista "Diagnose and Repair" tool. This is when I get "Cannot communicate with primary DNS server (" message. Vista asks me if I want to reset my connection. This usually fixes the problem, but it will occasionally tell me that "there still seems to be a problem" even after doing this, at which point an additional reset usually fixes the problem.

Does this make any sense at all? I just don't understand how I can go from surfing web pages or playing a game online one minute to losing my internet the next due to simply refreshing the server list in a game.

I have been trying to Google a solution for days, and I've tried just about everything. These are some of the things I've tried:

- Updated my router's firmware
- Disabled TCP Window Scaling
- Forwarded all appropriate ports for the games I play
- Turned off all of Vista's security features (Defender, Firewall, etc.)
- Turned off my router's firewall
- Unchecked every single thing in the general network properties except for TCP/IP (IPv4)
- Disabled any LAN adapters not in use

Nevertheless, my internet still shuts down like clockwork under the same conditions every single time.

Can anyone think of anything at all that would be causing this? I'm just about ready to give up and buy a new router. Is it possible that my router doesn't like Vista? Is there such thing as a Vista-compatible router? I've heard that some routers play more nicely with some of the new wireless networking features of Vista...I'm hoping my problem is that simple. :cry:

I appreciate any help anyone can provide.
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  1. Are you sure this is a problem with router? I recently moved and my "new" Roadrunner connection does the exact same thing. No matter what the game, when I refresh a server list, I get gross unpopulation (maybe 50 servers out of a game with 12000). It doesn't totally drop my connection unless I start spamming refresh, then it overloads or something. This is either Roadrunner's fault or the POS SB5100 modem triggering some kind of overflow protection. I called support and he said "yeah it's not our problem if you can browse the internet." Lovely.
  2. Even i have the same problem.

    Earlier i used to have a 32 bit vista. I used to connect to internet over the LAN with a DNS Server address. Since i have been using 64 bit vista i can access the LAN but not internet. When i select the Diagonise option i get an error stating "Unable to connect to primary DNS server (some ip address). Is there any other setting that i need to do?
  3. I have a windows 7. i seem to have the same problem with the dns server error. It may be the router because only wireless g routers give me the problem. I have used a pre n router and it seems to work better. If u try it and it makes a difference let me know.
  4. I was having similar problems and was able to solve them very easily:

    I do not know why this works, I just tried it and all of the sudden Viola!

    Instead of using the "Connect to a network" wizzard that came with your operating system, Install a third party program to connect to a network.

    I used Network Magic and connected to my network very easily.

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