Best way to replace Video Card?

I want to replace a 9700 pro ATI vidio card that has been a problem at times making the pc unstable. I will remove all the sofware and drivers. then shut down. Is this the proper way?
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  1. Yea, uninstall drivers and software, then remove the card.

    Then put in the new card, and install drivers and software.
  2. Yep, right on the money. Remove the driver (driver cleaner may be a good idea depending on what your upgrading to) shut down the system, replace video card with new one, boot up and install the needed driver. Then, BAM back into the gaming world!! If you have any problems or questions as your doing it, let us know.

    XFX Support
  3. Let's see how many different ways we can tell this dude to do the same thing....
  4. My apologies mpjesse, but looking at the post times the message from prozac26 is a minute before the one I posted so its safe to say he posted while I was typing my message and I did not know BruceMyers48 had gotten an answer yet.

    XFX Support
  5. My thanks to all even the last. You guys are great.
  6. Here's a novel way of removing your video card.

    Guaranteed to remove the card. Not so much on being able to install a new one though.
  7. Yes they do work, I have used them in the past.
  8. a thousand apologies. ;-)
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