Can't find the good drivers


I have recently bought an Laptop from Acer,
I reformatted and installed vista again, now I am having some problems

The laptop has built in webcam, and microphone, but both stopped workin after the reformat

Where can I find the correct drivers? What program to use? The driverbot on Acer's site costs 28$, is there a free solution?

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  1. What model is the laptop? What version of Vista are you using?
  2. Laptop model:

    Acer Aspire 5920G
    Vista home premium

    When we just bought the laptop, all kinds of acer software was installed
    It managed the internet, sound, etc
    It was crap, but it did the job :p

    webcam: Crystal Eye webcam
    Microphone: built in, cant see it
  3. vista 32 or 64 bit?
  4. If you have 64bit, here are your drivers

    if you have 32 bit, change the dropdown OS menu.
  5. Great! thanks dude!
  6. No problem.
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