How to Read and use the web interface as a input in computer programmi

I am using a wireless sensor system. From this sensor system Iam getting the data in my PC. for seeeing data in my PC, I have to open the internet explorer and i will type my sensor serial number and then go....... by this way I am seeing the data....

Problem is by using this sensor data.. i have to programme my Automation system... Can i read this data (which is viewing in Internet explorer) for software programming.. how to use this sensor data for my automation system... give me a good idea..... I have very less knowledge about this programming and electronics part.....
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  1. Plzz help me.... i didnot found any reply.... If anybody unable to understand the question plzz ask me in detail......I am very poor in this computers and electronics part.
  2. Check your sensor system user manual, you can get some idea.
    Give the model/ make so that we can try something to help you!
  3. My sensor device is eko pro series developed by crossbow technology. If you want more details plzzz contact me at or else give me your mail , i will send that sensor manual and further talking
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