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This may sound like a simple problem-but I really don't know what I'm doing! I reinstalled Vista on my Dell Inspiron laptop and I now cannot communicate with my modem. Is there a driver missing? Or what can I do? Thank you!
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  1. Yeah id say either your Wireless/ethernet controller/modem need drivers.

    download ethernet driver here,after you put in your labtop type and model and operating system.or enter your service tag if you have one!
  3. I agree with both above. You need your ethernet driver.

    You should check your device manager to see what other drivers you're missing. Look at the devices with the yellow ! next to them.
  4. what if there is no yellow exclamaition by any of the drivers and your internet provider tells you it is due to vista communicating with the router? The IT guy said the router is reading the wrong router info which is causing it not to work but you can set it up and it says its working but when you go on the internet you get an error. Please help I cant even connect to the internet with a direct connect line so I dont know how to upgrdae to 7 and I should not have to pay for it if it is due to the crap vista software.
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