0x0000000 Stop Error

A friend of mine brought me her computer.

as of last week she is unable to boot to Windows Vista; ;part way through the process it gives a stop error that reads "The instruction at 0x7432060a reference memory at 0x0000000. The memory couldn't be read."

Assuming this was a boot file error I tried restoring back to the most recent point 8/24/2009. Part way through the process it encountered the error again and was unable to complete the process.

She has a lot of things on there that she doesn't want to loose.

Any ideas?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Try booting into safe mode. Download memtest and test the RAM.
  2. What would be referencing the first memory address? It's probably reserved.
  3. I can't boot in safe mode system won't boot at all.

    I have eliminated the possibility of a RAM problem; I booted off of a live CD of Linux Ubuntu and it worked properly to one exception. I was unable to access the Main disk partition which holds the O.S. and other files we do not wish to loose. Linux recognized the drive and showed it being 148 GB in size but was unable to open it.

    The D: drive is a RECOVERY partition. Are there any files in there I could copy and use for repair? What exactly is the Recovery partition for if not for recovering from crashes and other errors?

    We do not have an Vista install disk

    Thanks ;)
  4. The recovery partition is for restoring the OS to its factory state (ie. the same settings and software it had when you bought it).
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