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I saw a message about a program which Geek Squad used all I remember is the MRI ... forget the rest of the file. Can someone direct me to this download?
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  1. I would, but linking to torrent sites is against forum rules.
  2. MRI is not really the name of a specific program. It's a generic term. On the MRI disk is a number of tools that Geek Squad has licensed from companies for the purpose of hardware diagnostics and malware removal. I know this because I am a Geek Squad Agent! :) I won't list the names of the specific tools we use or offer a link to where it can be downloaded via torrent. But if you do enough research, you should be able to get your hands on high quality, FREE software that pretty much does everything we do in precinct. (Or if you drop your PC off at a bad precinct you may just find a surprise in your DVD ROM.) Folks that know a thing or two about PC repair probably are annoyed at the tools we do use but I see it this way. Geek Squad is a computer maintenance shop (for in store work). For example, most folks should be able to change the oil in your car for far less than what Jiffy Lube offers but sometimes you just want to get it done fast. You have no problem paying a few extra bucks for the convenience of not doing it yourself. A well run Geek Squad precinct is the same as a Jiffy Lube for your computer.
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