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Have been trying to download a file from rapidshare.The size of this file is 100Mb.Download Window on firefox says complete at 50mb,60mb.What might the problem be?

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  1. Rapidshare is buggy and worthless. Also 90% of the content is virus infected.
  2. Ok, Ill take your word for that.I thought it was a problem with my connection.Thanks Mate
  3. I agree rapidshare is a virus community and many of the files are corrupted causing these errors
  4. +1 for Rapidshare + Virus.
    Try using another web-browser.
    Try using Jdownloader.

    If nothing works out last chance will be your poor connection, as you said.
  5. Connection wasnt poor.Just thought it was connection problem.Used another server and could finish downloading fully.Rapidshare came around on the next file.Thanks for the replies.Just didnt understand why even though it was actually incomplete the download said complete
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    Next time you have this situation you can always try to start new download for the same file, then pause it... switch the .part file of new download with one generated for previous download (yeah, you need to copy it before). Once you're done you just resume download in firefox - this helped me few times
  7. Will do that.Thanks mate
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