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I'll open by apologizing for asking questions that might of been asked recently, but i have an urgent need for information regarding setting up a wireless network at home.

I got my pc, and my dad's PC in the next room. I'm looking to buy a wireless networking transmitter (if that's what it's called, the box that transmits basically).

I don't really know the difference between 802.11a/b/g/n , but i gathered that n is the latest.

First i need to know which has the highest bandwith capabilities. After choosing that i need a specific box, a real product, that is considered good, reliable, fast, and doesn't transmit too powerfully (don't want to die of radiation :( )

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  1. it's a wireless router... n is the best right now but still draft. fastest/best range/etc. DIR-655 is pretty good i hear.
  2. The DIR-655 is by D-Link... can also get anything by Linksys. Both are good. Have a look at the different products and get what works best. If you are only one room apart... may want to look at getting a normal router (non-wireless) and run a cat-5 cable to the other room. A lot cheaper, safer, and get better speeds usually.

    It's also important to make sure you set up a wireless network properly... if that's what you end up doing. Too many just plug and play the wireless router. Leaves their internet open to anyone in the area. That also means they can access your computers... so be sure to read the owners manuals on how to do all of that. Spend some time learning what everything does.
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