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My one relative uses my PC to watch porn sites.. i have checked on Clear history on exit in IE8... i want to know what sites he visited ! any thing for it ??? my Pc got little slow after he uses my PC :s
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  1. You can remove the check mark on Clear history on exit.

    Your PC may be loaded with trojans, coz of those porn sites. That may cause system slow.
    Update you antivirus & Run a complete scan, if you don't have any antivirus/malware,
    download & install, run a scan

    1. Avira Anvivir - .
    Avira is best & light solution for excellent overall system protection & internet security with real time updates, .

    2. Malwarebytes - .
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  2. Check your cookies if you want to know site names. If you're not having those cleared automatically as well the sites are probably leaving those behind.
  3. isnt there any software or something that will keep history ?? i dont want to show them off
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