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Is it true that it is best if an individual reformats their hard drive after they replace / change out their hardware such as a video / sound card or CPU?

I was debating upgrading to a 4400+ AMD X2 Toledo for $139 from newegg. I currently have a 3700+ Sandiego which I purchased for $210 last July (what a rip off). I know my mobo is compatible with dual cores because it is a A8N SLi Premium by Asus and it has BIOS that make it compatible with Dual core.

If I were to change processors would I need to reformat my hard drive or is it plug and play like a video card?

Also would my current processor (3700+) be able to handle the new DX10 games when I eventually upgrade my vid card or would I need to get a dual core so that my PC was not bottle necked?

The rest of my system includes: OCZ 520watt Powerstrem PSU, OCZ Platinum 2gb (2x 1gb) 4 cas ram, EVGA 7900GT PCI-E (with larger fan), Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme music.
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  1. No

    You can swap a CPU with no problems.

    As for the vid/sound cards, the reason to reformat is to insure all previous drivers are removed. You dont have to do this, but depending on your level of knowledge/experiance, it may be the easiest and least painfull way to go.
  2. With that Asus mobo/3700+ combo you should be good for awhile. You could probably OC 20-25% on air - it's a good solid cpu with 1mb L2 cache.

    Until multi-threaded apps become more mainstream, snaggin' a dual-core for the sake of having one can be a lateral move at best. Some folks have found that some of their apps on a dual-core cpu even run slower!

    I'm guessin' we are still a long way from serious multi-thread gaming but I'm sure there will be serious disagreement to that around here :P

    If you are a big multi-tasker, video encoder or use Adobe products you may gain with a dual core. If yer bucks are burning a hole in yer pocket and yah wanna stretch the life of that s939 I'd check out an Opty 165 From The Egg for $106. An Opty 170 will set yah back $135 . . .
  3. nope - its a waste - if you really picky uninstall the device, remove drivers before you change it out if possible. remove software and drivers.
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