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Alright, my friends laptop has some problems. It wont boot into windows. When I start windows normally, it loads for a while then it just goes black and sits there. If I try to go into safe mode it loads for a while, the start button shows up in the corner then it just freezes at the loading screen. The closest thing I can come to getting into windows is booting into safe mode with command prompt. The command prompt shows up and is fully functional, I can type explorer in and the toolbar at the bottom shows up but I cant push anything on it. Is there any commands I can put in to, i dont know, start it up somehow. Thanks.
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    Try booting off an OS disc into the repair console. Use the fixboot command to repair the boot files.
  2. Yeah unfortunately I don't have access to her vista disk. I'm not very familiar with vista, does it have it have something like windows repair?
  3. It has restore points, but you have to be able to get into windows to use them.

    If you can get into safe mode w/ command prompt, try this
  4. Thats for XP, would it be the same for vista?
  5. I fixed it dont worry about it.
  6. Thanx for the vote......What was the final verdict?
  7. There was a system recovery thing I could do by hitting F11 at startup and it would just reformat it for me without a disk or anything. I was a bit skeptical at first but it worked out fine. Not sure if it fully deleted the other partition though...but it works fine and my friends happy.
  8. That's a built in restore partition. It works just like having restore discs. It will return the main partition back to factory condition.
  9. You don't need to boot into Windows to use system restore... you can access it by booting from the Vista DVD. You need to run Startup Recovery.
  10. Yeah I ran startup recovery and it said it couldnt repair it automatically or something. Also, she never made a restore point because shes fails at life.
  11. ^ lol, harsh.
  12. If you have System Restore enabled, it will create it's own restore points... no need to do it manually.
  13. Apparently she didnt, so I just had to reformat.
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